IEI smart building solution coordinates the technology in your life into complete, brilliant experiences

The demands on the intelligence of buildings have increased constantly in recent years, such that the energy efficiency as well as a good “return on investment” is the priority. The idea of a “green building” based on sustainable, energy-efficient construction and building use can be realized with intelligent, integral building automation. IEI offers a universal, scalable building automation solution for logging all data points in buildings.

Smart Home1

Home Automation

The global intelligent building access control systems market is expected to grow from $4.09 billion in 2014 to $6.72 billion by 2014. This represents a CAGR of 10.5% from 2014 to 2019. IEI multi-touch flat panel PC, AFOLUX PPC series, is designed to fulfill the needs from this growing market, suitable for access control and room management systems. The panel PC has a built-in RFID reader, supporting sophisticated security applications. Advanced third-party voice and face recognition software can be integrated with the embedded camera and microphone to enable the development of security requirement.
Smart Transportation

Video and Audio Message

● Leave message to family and visitors
● Editing members – add/delete members, change photos
● Message recording – select the one you want to leave message and start to record
● Watch the video captured by the community CCTV system

Smart Transportation

Intercom System

● Free community communication through touch panel PC, home telephone, and access terminal
● Support two-way conversations within community and within the home
● Open community gate and call elevator by panel PC
● Use the integrated home telephone to talk to community members and open the community gate
● Use contactless card as access pass card