9-slot PICMG 1.3 backplane, one PCIe x16 with x16 slot, 3 PCIe x4 with x16 slots, four PCI slots RoHS

Spec Item Description
Total Slot Total Slot 9
Expansion Slots PCIe x 16 1
PCIe x 4 3
PCI Slot 4
PSU Type PSU Type 24+4pin ATX
Chassis Chassis RACK-305G
USB Connectors by Pin USB Connectors by Pin 4
Item No. Description
RACK-360GB-R22 4U 14-Slot Rackmount Chassis,FP With USB,Black,AT Power Switch,W/O PSU,RoHS
RACK-3000GB-R21 4U 14-Slot Rackmount Chassis,Black,ATX Power Switch,W/O PSU,RoHS
PXE-9S2-R10 9-Slot PICMG 1.3 Backplane, 1 PCIe x16 w/ x16 slots, 3 PCIe x4 w/ x16 slots, 4 PCI, RoHS (Mounting holes compatible with PCI-14S)
RACK-305GB-R22 4U 14-Slot Rackmount Chassis,Black,AT Power Switch,W/O PSU,RoHS
RACK-305GW-R22 4U 14-Slot Rackmount Chassis,White,AT Power Switch,W/O PSU,RoHS
RACK-360GW-R22 4U 14-Slot Rackmount Chassis,FP With USB,White,AT Power Switch,W/O PSU,RoHS
RACK-3000GW-R21 4U 14-Slot Rackmount Chassis,White,ATX Power Switch,W/O PSU,RoHS