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BTS installation of DTAC for RTS.

Segate Thailand
Industrial PC.

Phumthai Comsys Co.,Lltd.
Phumthai Comsys Co.,Lltd.

Based in Thailand, Phumthai Comsys is a domestic provider of telecom & information technology (IT) solution and industrial automation solution for voice, data and video application. We are a system integrator and provide total telecom & information technology solutions and industrial automation solutions, including engineering design, project management, Installation, system test and maintenance service. Our customers are government agencies private business.

Phumthai Comsys ensures that customers get the latest and the best technology, solution and use the most advance product. We have served both private and government clients with our expertise, experience, professionalism and world class partner.

We will be a provider that brings them the next stage of product and technology.

Now a day, everyone have the freedom to get the accurate and update information in the different ways of
choosing. As a Thai's company, we are continually to put together our ideas and effort to have the creative
technology in telecom & information technology due to step up our standard of working level and quality of life.





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Tropos Network


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